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SNI Host Finder Generator

SNI Bug HOST Finder, Working Host Finder

Host Generator for Free VPNs

 Select your country from the drop-down.

 Click the Generate button to get SNI host your country.

 Create free files using any VPN app that supports custom tunnel settings (e.g HA Tunnel plus, HTTP injector and others you might be knowing.

Select your country from the list, scroll down slowly to see the Generate button and press it in order to have the list of working hosts available for your network. Remember some hosts will need to use SSH Websocket technology to work well.
We cant guarantee you that all hosts will work for your network. Its your duty to check them out tirelessly

The KiberuData Master sniffer is busy fetching more bug hosts for more other different countries Including Yours! So feel free to check back consistently.

What is SNI Host?

 SNI Host, also known as TLS SNI Host, is a technique used to establish secure connections between a client (your device) and a server (the website or service you want to access).

 Normally, during the SSL/TLS handshake process, the client sends a request to the server without specifying the exact hostname it wants to connect to. However, with SNI host, the client includes the hostname in the initial handshake, allowing the server to respond with theappropriate SSL/TLS certificate.

How to use SNI Host for Free internet

These hosts can be used to create files for free internet VPNs suchs;

 Ha Tunnel

 Stark VPN

 Socks IP

 Http Injector


How to create files for Free internet VPN using SNI Hosts


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Ha Tunnel Plus



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